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The Second Burial of Bishop Shanahan
Preparing for Adolescence
Covenanted Happiness


The second burial of Bishop Shanahan took place in Nigeria in 1956. Amid great public rejoicing, his remains were brought back to the land where he had laboured for thirty years. In the second burial, twelve years after his death, he was being given the honours denied to him during his lifetime.
Joseph Shanahan was born in Co. Tipperary in 1871, the son of a poor farm labourer. He joined the Holy Ghost Congregation, studied in France, and returned to Ireland to be ordained priest in 1900. Two years later he was sent as a missionary to Southern Nigeria and he remained there, first as priest and then as bishop, until 1932.
His life was one of the great success stories of missionary history. He was a truly charismatic figure, a man of exceptional courage and vision. He travelled the country on foot, by bicycle, by canoe. He walked boldly into villages where no white person had set foot before. He saw the importance of education and built a whole network of schools which formed the foundation of one of the most flourishing missionary churches in the world.

 A two-DVD package including:

DVD 1: Broadcasting legend Patrick Oke explains how you can keep your children's adolescence from being dominated by rebellion and conflict, and how to give your children clear moral direction.

DVD 2 contains 15 lively dialogues, acted by parenting expert Yinka Nnaedozie and daughter Chizoba, which will help you plan for troubles before they arise.

This package is based on the book by the same title by renowned author James Stenson.

The "laws of happiness" as they're found in Christian marriage and family life

This book demonstrates that marriage, contrary to the caricature of a permissive materialistic outlook, actually deepens, matures, and makes permanent your personal happiness. Cormac Burke candidly and charitably discusses sexual identity in marriage and family life, "family planning," divorce, contraception, the value of children, the family in today's society, and more. He clarifies and defends Church teachings, showing that only following the Church's guidance saves married couples from misery and brings them true happiness. Ideal as a gift for newlyweds and for marriage preparation courses.


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